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No wake on LAN suport on Asus FX505DY

System: Windows 10 64bit
Battery or AC: AC
Model: FX505DY
Frequency of occurrence:
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:I have Asus fx505dy the laptop is all good even recieved several bios updates,
I was wondering if Asus can push in an update which makes it support Wake on Lan which will be quite usefull for some of us
This particular model of laptop shuts down automatically when lid is closed while gaming is there any way to disable that? (ps - I am not talking about the 'do nothing' when lid is closed frompower setting option from control panel) even other users also have complained about this issue on this forum

Zen Master I
For wake lan , you can do under power management in particular LAN device through device manager.
For other issue. I need to see and test the laptop, otherwise I cant guess what's the problem.

Note. I don't have your model laptop.
I given ideas from my basic knowledge.

Community Legend II
Hello biswadeepmondal,
Wake on LAN function is currently designed on higher level commercial series only.
Thank you for your suggestion.
For shutting down issue,
may I know your BIOS version, Windows version (1903/1909) and your power option setting for "closing the lid"?
(Advance settings> Power buttons and lid close action)
Also, if you kept the lid opened, would the shutting down issue occur?
Thank you.

Zen Master I
Hello Blake Asus .
Could you tell me which are the models of indian laptops supports Wake on LAN.

Community Legend II
Hello Raju,
Please contact local ASUS representatives for commercial (business ) series.
Thank you.