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Need Help Deciding Between the 2024 Zephyrus G16 vs the 2024 Strix Scar 18

Star I

Hey guys! I’m finally jumping back on PC gaming after being a console gamer for quite some time. I wanted to pick up a gaming laptop that I can also use to perform daily tasks and for content consumption and I was wondering if you guys can give me your insight between two laptops that i’m interested in picking up.

The first one is the 2024 Zephyrus G16 with the Ultra 9 and RTX 4080(GU605MZ-G16.U94080). My other option is the 2024 Strix Scar 18 with the i9 14900HX and RTX 4080 (G834JZR-XS96). I’ve been watching videos and reading reviews left and right but have continued to find myself in a standstill with both laptops having enticing specs. What are your opinions and why would you choose one over the other? Thanks in advance for your help


Star I

I would suggest you visit the support forums first an see which has the most problems then I would suggest you do the same with other laptop makers that's a better way on deciding which has less problems for when you have problems down the road.