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I have one of these Bad A-15's R7 4000, 16GB, 1660ti, 512GB Garbage BIOS

Battery or AC:
Frequency of occurrence:
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:This is The Worst PC I have ever owned. After last BIOS update it now takes minutes to shut off. This PC has Big Problems and should be recalled or Guys Get to work on fixing it. I was hoping not to find this out with a simple Google but now I see it IS EVERYONE who is having problems. I'm over my 30 days but will see if they can swap it for something else. I would Hate to start shipping it to Asus but may have to. Any feedback very welcome. Thanks. Mike R.

Community Legend II
Hi Mike,
so the problem now is the laptop takes long time to turn off, it happens every time or some time?
And may you enter BIOS to load default setting again?
You have FA506IH?FA506IV? and BIOS 316?
What programs were you using before you shutdown the laptop?
Was there any windows update going on at the same time?
Thank you.