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HELP! Zephyrus Duo 15 can't allign displays

Star I
I've received my Zephyrus Duo 15 today and have been trying to fix the screenpad(2) and main monitor(1), I've been trying to center the monitor(1) ontop of the screenpad(2) so that I can move my mouse through the screens without having a wall that covers half of the screenpad. I have the 1080p 300hz Display and the screenpad is in its native resolution of 3840x1100. I've tried contacting microsoft regarding this issue and they haven't been able to come with a solution so maybe there is someone who can help here.
This is what it's currently set to and constantly switches back to after hitting apply when setting my wanted configuration.
This is what I'm trying to achieve or is there another method for fixing this problem


Community Legend II
Hello fetusmccletus,
Then how about the setting below, "Scale and layout"?
Did you set to "recommended"?
Thank you.