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fTPM stuttering ROG stix G15 2022

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When will the BIOS fix for the AMD fTPM stuttering for ROG Strix G15 2022 be released? there are any solution for this?
(model G513RM-HQ064W)

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Jay Ros

It is an issue even acknowledged by AMD (as we can see on that link), but I don't think we'll ever get a bios update for that. I'm still waiting for that bios update on an ASUS TUF FX505DT from 2019. AMD says we require a BIOS update with AMD AGESA 1207. My laptop is still on AGESA 1004.

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How could you identify your AGESA version? I searched about it a lot but couldn't find a way.
I will never buy any Asus product again, so good luck to them. Other brands' AMD laptops have also this stuttering but most of them have the option to disable Trusted Platform Module in bios. I think Nokia 3310 has more settings than the bios of Asus laptops. 😉

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Hi I have a asus rog strix g15/G513RW it has a 3070ti and ryzen9 6900hx cpu. I have experienced a stutter at random times as well I would like to confirm it’s the same one you have.

so first when it happens my audio sounds like it’s under water with a robot filter and slowed down and my mouse goes choppy like if it’s reporting 3fps. The stutter only last 2-3 seconds and can happen at any point during use. It happens 1-2 times a day. The task manager pretends like it never happend. The only times It happens is on the desktop, on google, and especially on Netflix also when dragging a program on your screen. Also I can’t reproduce it he stutter no matter how hard I push the Gpu

I would also like to ask if you experienced other things with it and you said you recorded hwinfo where exactly did it report the problem in that program and if it did not let me know if you found nothing.

Thanks I hate this issue, it does not stop me from doing anything but the thought of spending 3k on a laptop and it stutters for no reason drives me mad

Small thing, the stutter rarely happens in games and never happens in deamding games like cyberpunk

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yes is the same but when i don't know how to read the "recorded" data (i'm new with this kind of things)

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Here to say that I also have this problem; updated everything to the latest from the MyAsus application, and there are still random stutters that happen on the desktop. (Windows 11 Home)
To be perfectly clear, the stutters happen at any time and will cause a freeze-stutter feel for one whole second. This is due to Windows failing to recognize the TPM within the laptop.
Below is the TPM information for my ROG Strix G15 G513QM using AMD's 5900HX. When the laptop gets a stutter, Windows will be unable to recognize the TPM information, stating that I must check the BIOS settings and ensure I have the right settings to show the TPM. Sometimes it will also blank out the Speficiations tab and have the Status tab change to "Not Ready", which is extremely odd behavior.
I am very confident that this issue is related to the BIOS not being updated to support AMD's fTPM patch that was resolved about six months ago. I would have disabled the fTPM directly from the BIOS, but no such option appears.
BIOS version 320 did NOT fix this issue, so I am hoping that the next BIOS update will put this issue to rest. It is an ongoing issue I had from almost a year ago, and it has ruined my experience so much I might change this laptop to a competitor.

Did you find solution? pls help

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Did you find solution pls help