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FN+Arrow Keys no longer change aura brightness of the keyboard_ Brand New Asus TUF A15 FA506QM

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System: Windows 10 Pro 64bits
Battery or AC: Both
Model: Asus TUF A15 FA506QM (R7 5800H + RTX 3060 + 16gb 3200mhz)
Frequency of occurrence: Always happening, since a few days ago
Reset OS: Not yet
Screenshot or video: -
Detailed description:Every Hotkey works perfectly, including the FN+RIGHT/LEFT hotkey to change the aura mode, but the FN+UP/DOWN stopped working a few days, I haven't done anything in particular to cause this problem, the pc is brand new, i got it 10 days ago, it is pretty much stock.
Help please.
Also, when I run diagnostics on MyAsus app, it doesn't let me see the result for some reason.
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I've also encountered the same issue. Wrong serial number and can't change the brightness with Fn+arrow keys.

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Hi there,
Please check the PM I send you.
Thank you.

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Hi Blake,
Same issue here like the others. the wrong SN and the problem with Fn+Arrow up & down. it was ok the first day after the purchase but stopped working after windows update/my asus/armoury crate and updating bios via windows.
bios: 307
model: FA506QM

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Im having the same issue here. Please send me the solution as well.

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Hi @DeadCell & @Killer1109 ,
PM sent.
Please kindly check and reply.
Thank you so much.

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Hi blake please help, i too am having the same problem, my serial number has changed after the bios update