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Привет. сколько энергии потребляют вентиляторы для ноутбуков asus fx503 vm 

Alex5 by Star I
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Wrong Warranty Date

I have just registered my new monitor, an ASUS TUF VG27AQ which was delivered yesterday, but there is an error with the warranty expiry date. It's showing 23rd MAY 2026 instead of 23rd JUNE 2026. I can't find any way to correct this online and the em...

Registering a product

I'm attempting to register my motherboard so I can download the drivers but it repeatedly says my serial number is wrong. I dont have the box anymore and I'm taking the number straight off the motherboard but I'm not sure what else to do as it refuse...

rog ryujin ii. CPU monitor

I use rog ryujin ii. I am also using a motherboard from another manufacturer.Please specify if I can display the CPU temperature when setting up hardware monitoring?At the moment, in armory crate, I can only display the temperature of the video card ...

Kpavcov by Star I
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Resolved! ASUS X75VD Volume Low

I have a ASUS X75VD laptop it has  2.50GHz Intel Core i5 3210M Has Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit  the  Volume Seems Low,I have seen on the net of a program for ASUS laptops called  ICE Audio Wizard  ;I have downloaded it but seems not to install says ...

JamesT by Star II
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dual monitor will not EXTEND

asus va24DCP monitor WILL DISPLAY as dual monitor. Connected to my HO Envy laptop. It will NOT EXTEND to allow me to use it as a second monitor.

Wifi router not working correctly

my Wi-Fi router has suddenly stopped creating a strong enough signal for my VR headset it was working fine until the heat wave and a factory reset did nothing