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Virus in app Go2Pay

Model: ZE553KL(Zoom)RAM: 4GBFirmware/App Version: WW_80.30.76.49_20181102Location: Frequency of Occurrence: Rooted: NoApp Name: Go2Pay.apkDescription: when I scanned the phone with dr. web, it finds android.click.428 in /system/app/Go2Pay/Go2Pay.apk....

Bluetooth start automatically

Model: ZE552KLRAM: 2GBFirmware/App Version: WW_80.30.76.49Location: Poland / EUFrequency of Occurrence: Rooted: NoApp Name: Description: ?After recent updates (Google Assistant PL version?) Bluetooth started to start automatically. Is there any advic...

When will bugs be resolved?

Model: ZE520KLRAM: 4GBFirmware/App Version: DefaulthLocation: ItalyFrequency of Occurrence: DefaulthRooted: NoApp Name: SystemDescription: Zenfone 3 ZE520KL Presents several problems that it would be time to correct: 1 the alarm does not sound from t...

xzj8b3 by Star I
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Skipped repeating alarm yesterday and it doesn't set off today

Model: ZE520KLRAM: 3GBFirmware/App Version: Frequency of Occurrence: Many timesRooted: NoApp Name: ClockDescription: I have set repeating alarm at 07:15 on weekdays. When I wake up at 07:10 yesterday, I skip the alarm using t...

Everytime I try to turn up the volume

Hi guys, I get this error everytime I try to turn up the volume awhile casting something on my Chromecast. I thought a update would fix this eventually but It's been this way for months now.

media storage

saya terdelete media storage.dan sms saya x dapat di buka.macam mana nak dapatkan media storage untuk handphone saya?

replacement screen spoiled again in less than a year

Description: https://www.asus.com/zentalk/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=198865 i've gotten the screen replaced and less than a year it is spoiled again. now the screen has loss resolution, flickers white on and off and has became dark. asus really ...

ois (optical stabilization)on asus zoom is fake.

Description: The ois stabilization never appeared to work in my videos, comparing to my another phone, which has not ois, the 2 phones produce the same shaky video. Could it be that Asus zoom s has a fake ois? How can we certain that it worked. Ps. T...


Model: ZE520KLRAM: 2GBFirmware/App Version: 7Location: Frequency of Occurrence: Rooted: NoApp Name: Description: Zen fone 3Boa tarde. Como atualizar o telefone zen fone 3 para o android 9.0?

DENERZ3 by Star I
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