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Does Zephyrus Duo 16 can using other bland 100W PD charger?

System: Windows11Battery or AC: ACModel: Zephyrus Duo 16Frequency of occurrence: Reset OS: Screenshot or video: ========================Detailed description:I bought a Zephyrus Duo 16 recently. I really like using this laptop.Powerful, reasonable wei...

Donghee by Star I
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Asus X415EA - BsoD: "Critical Process Died" - no DMP files

System: Windows 11 Pro N (22621.674)Battery or AC: bothModel: X415EAFrequency of occurrence: continuousReset OS: yesScreenshot or video: unnecessary========================When the laptop resumes from sleep mode BsoD appears and resets my laptop.I tr...


PLEASE help me i have a problem with the bios is stuck on a loop and the storage device is not found, i dont5know what to do

What do you think about the new TUF A15 (FA507RE-HN006W)?

The model is FA507RE-HN006W========================There is a model on this website that I am interested in purchasing. Additionally, there is an RTX 3050 GPU included. Does this device contain an external video output via HDMI or USB-C? If so, can i...

Paker by Star I
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Bios dump for Asus ROG Flow X13 GV301QH.

Hello everyone!Please, help me!I need bios dump for BIOS ver. 402 (GV301QHAS.402 Asus EZ Flash) Asus ROG Flow X13 GV301QH.Thanks!

Wifi Upgrade Chromebox 3

System: Chrome OSBattery or AC: Model: 3Frequency of occurrence: Reset OS: Screenshot or video: ========================Detailed description:I want to upgrade the wifi of my chromebox 3 and would like to know which card I should buy. I thought the A...