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Asus VG289Q1A Monitor - Can't display 60 hz refresh rate on 4k resolution on Lenovo Laptop

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Hello there, 

Problem: I do not get the option to select 60hz (only 30 hz is available) refresh rate when 4k resolution is selected.  When I connect the monitor with my laptop's (lenovo) docking station it does not allow me to change the refresh rate to 60hz on 4k resolution(Screenshot attached). 

I do not have HDMI (only Display Port is available) port on my lenovo laptop. I tried with the display port cable that came with the Monitor which did not work. I bought a new display port cable which has enough bandwidth to run 4k at 60hz. That too did not work.
Within Intel HD Graphics Control Panel > Options and Support > Information Center > Select Option - Digital Display Asus VG289Q1A, it shows the supported modes where I can clearly see 4k at 60hz option is available. I could not attach the screenshot as I am only allowed to attach 1 SS. 

The monitor is able to display 4k at 60hz when I connected it with another laptop (Dell XPS 13) with an HDMI cable. 

Before providing/suggesting probable solutions from your end please consider the following things that I already tried from my end:
1. Tried with the Display Port Cable that came with the monitor
2. Bought a new display port cable which is able to run 4k at 60hz. Did not work. 
3. The laptop's docking station does not have a HDMI port. Only Display Port. So, trying with an HDMI port is not an option (unless I try with a Display port to HDMI Adapter). 

Would appreciate your support in this regard. 




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Community Manager
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