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Asus tuf Fa706ii can not reach highest performance

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System: win 10 64bit
Battery or AC: 150w charge
Model: fa706ii
Frequency of occurrence: always
Reset OS: have not reset any
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:my laptop never get the best performance as it should have. I have set nvidia to prefer graphic card, power management to maximize performance in every single application in nvidia control panel. However, it only get around 50 to 60 fps in dota 2. I have searched on youtube and seen that gtx 1650ti should get around 120 fps ultra setting in that game. But this never happens to my laptop. Things that i have tried :
-Using DDU to uninstall all graphic card driver and reinstall newest nvidia and amd rog driver in my asus ( version 27.20 or some thing like that).
-Install all update from my asus and window update
-install newest bios
-install driver of nvidia webpage (not the asus page)
-disable all other app include antivirus software before opening game.
-pci express to maximize performance
Despite all my effort, it even lag more than 1050ti. I have try several game like horizon zero dawn, metal gear solid v, gta 5, cemu emulator. All lag as crazy. My friend's laptop which has a gtx 1650 can run these games without any lag. Im tired of struggling with it. Please tell me what to do?

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someone found a solution to this problem, mine still persists

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someone found a solution to this problem, mine still persists

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have you added another ram channel yet?