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ASUS TUF Dash F15 (FX516PM) - Intel Grpahics driver with wrong gamma

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The model cannot output the 256 gray colors when I use the Type-C to HDMI or Displayport.

We update the driver to the last version. The error cannot be clear.

We test the 256 gray colors, there are three gray levels that have errors as below.

Image Input Gray = > Intel Graphics Gray output

Gray 16 = > Gray15

Gray 24 = > Gray23

Gray 254 = > Gray253

But, Nvidia graphics card output is correct.

Could you please help check where the issue caused the problem?



#TUF Gaming F15

#Intel Graphics Driver 

#Linear Gamma 


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Hi Hamish0211,

I don't have the board like yours. Do you have any other ways to check the Gray color ?


You can also use a luminance sensor to check the luminance of the gray color.

Do you have a software way to check ?

No, it may not check by software.

At present, we are asking the manufacturer to help confirm. 
Could you please confirm that if the driver version is updated to the old version, does the problem still exist? 
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.