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Serial Number: 93OAAQ244684
Manufacturer: ASUSTeK Computer INC.
Product Name: 1000HE
Serial Number: EeePC-0123456789
Version: 0605
Release Date: 02/28/2009
ISA is supported
PCI is supported
PNP is supported
APM is supported
BIOS is upgradeable

I'm having problem with built-in Ez Flash utillity, i did read that i must have USB - pendrive inside USB slot and download - write the 1104.ROM file to the root of the usb drive. My problem that occurs is that USB device is found, and file is read but the problem here is that it never complete's reading the file. It says reading file 1000HE. I sent pictures on how it looks like for me the experience of the issue i'm having, and a picture of the desired results on how it should look like and how it should proceed in a chronilogical order. So in a brief summary, what i want to achive , i want to update - flash bios from version 0605 to 1104, and i have not succeded with built-in ez flash utillity, i did try to install Windows 7 and try the Ez flash utillity V3 but without results. Now i'm asking for advice how to do this, either from Linux environment or from FreeDOS environment, preferably Linux environment. Thank you sincerly for all advice to complete legacy BIOS flash. How can i achive and write the latest update properly from within Linux environment or FreeDOS?

When i searched for google, one of the answers that was found is from the following website
DebianEeePC - How to upgrade BIOS.
"1000HE only available with windows OS: Successfully updated bios with 1000HE.ROM revision 1002, solved acpi issue reading temperature with linux 2.6.32 " - Unfortunatly i have not been able to flash new bios from within W7 X86 (32 bit).

asus-bios-update -- Dertosh update parsing
Github python script,
Expects 2 values - only outputs one from 1000HE
The actual error looks like

$ sudo python3.7 /tmp/
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "/tmp/", line 63, in
  os.popen('dmidecode -s bios-version').read()[:-1]).split('.')
ValueError: not enough values to unpack (expected 2, got 1)
Also when reading through this CODE, it refers to a folder called /BOOT/EFI, and this EFI i don't have - i think it's a strange script because this explciit machine has Legacy BIOS and is not UEFI based.

When i execute dmidecode manually it gives me 1 result = 0605
$ sudo dmidecode -s bios-version

I'm asking for advice, and i'm asking for help from both Debian community and from ASUS Software department regarding this, since this is a engineering question. I also ask and appriciate if we can disclosure this and compile - re-write support using template for EEePC 700 - Hence flashrom -L |grep EEePC gives me EEePC 700 and the word "BAD" Meaning, bad support - not supportive. I'm asking for advice and guidelines how to make this work, and how to resolve this - and document the solution.

As a last point as an emergency , i'm also asking for support IF there's any guideline or procedure using FreeDOS (AFUDOS) to achieve what i want to achieve, i tried that aswell but it gives me an error claiming that i need to run AFUDOS /I /O since i didn't find enough information regarding this method, i didn't go through that path.

To explain further on.. what BIOS is, what UEFI is, why it's beeing used and for what reason it's beeing used i must pedagogically advice people to see, youtube /watch?v=zIYkol851dU


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Okay i have to give a shoutout, and a brief summary on what's going on and what did happened. i did flash successfully BIOS 0607.ROM file using MS-DOS environment from a USB-Pendrive, the machine did flash bios and it told me to power off. When i press the power button it didn't react, no shutdown no nothing.. what i had to do was to remove - pull the power cord.. after i pull the power cord and put it back.. the machine itself was black.. no colour, no screen, no picture no fan spin, nothing.. black screen and a completely dead machine.
Now i don't know what to say.. or what i'm expected to do.. of course i did dissasembly the machine AGAIN, because of this and i tried to put effort in understanding why the machine does not boot n'or it get electrical circuit through it's mainboard, no fan, nothing....

Thank you ASUS for doing this this is a modern way of scam someone in the long run, i belive and think you did deliberetly doing something because of you want consumers to purchase and keep purchase your stuff !

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Hello Richiie,
I'm really sorry about this.
It looks like the device is too old to handle any changes.
If you are able to bring it back to work again, it would be better to stay at the current status.
Thank you.