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armory crate doesn't show cpu temp

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hello guys
i have a problem with my armory crate app
this app doesnt show any thing about cpu in dashboard part
and i tried a lot of ways to fix this problem but none of them didnt work
if you have any ways to fix this i appreciate that ❤️
My set-up :
CPU: i9 9900k
MB: z390tuf plus gaming wifi
cooler: masterteck mf500 tuf
windows: 11pro version: 22h2


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I'm having the same problem as well since upgrading to windows 11 22h2 armoury crate no longer shows cpu temp and voltage it seems to have something to do with the amd ryzen master device driver. For some reason whenever I try to reinstall the software windows will unsign the driver which is I have a TUF fx-705dy.

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well i dont know how should i do that when you say do you know any video or any thing can guide for that ? 😞

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this maybe worked for you i worked tell me pls ❤️

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