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[For advice] ASUS XD6 Strange Disconnection Issues

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I have three cases (so far) of loss of internet connectivity within a span of two weeks.

The scenarios/symptoms are rather consistent - each time all the devices will lose internet connectivity some time estimated in the wee hours of the morning. Multiple devices will show that they are still connected to the wifi network (including guest network) but no internet access.

Troubleshooting Steps I took:

1) Using the ASUS Router iOS application on my mobile phone, it shows "Authentication failed" and I am unable to connect to the home network.

2) Using my laptop to connect directly to the XD6 main router via LAN cable, there is still no internet connectivity and the homepage of the router prompts me to "Create a New Network".

3) I noted each time that there will be an additional "ASUS_20_XD6" network that can be found in the wifi list. The only way I managed to resolve this issue was to create a temporary network either via mobile phone application or laptop and then restore the entire network setting using my previously saved configuration.

4) The entire network and all the many IoT devices at home is back to normal after I restored the configuration. My concern is that it will happen again when I'm not around and the rest of my family will not have internet to use.

5) I have followed ASUS's guide online to set the DHCP Query Frequency setting from Aggressive to Normal but the issue crops up again.

* I do not think it is an issue with the telco's internet connectivity as I am able to connect to the internet directly via LAN cable to the telco's fibre modem during the down time.

** I did some research and apparently we have to use Singtel's provided routers instead of our own like in this case? However, I have been using these ASUS XD6 routers since 2022 and only recently did it start to behave strangely. 


I have been using a pair of Asus XD6 since year 2022, with one piece acting as the main node and the other connected as secondary mesh node. I am using Singtel Telco and the main XD6 node receives connection from Singtel Fibre Modem via LAN cabling. Subsequently, the router is connected to an unmanaged network switch which connects to all the individual rooms and eventually the secondary XD6 secondary node.

For advice if anyone has encountered the above scenario and found a proper fix for it. It will be a massive pain to redo the entire network as I have many IoT devices already configured to the network. Thanks in advance!



Hi @TheSoup ,

thank you very much for your inquiry. Before we begin checking the settings, please make sure that the external network connection provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is properly configured. If you're unsure about your network connection, we recommend contacting your ISP for accurate information.

Regarding your issue with connecting to the internet, we suggest following the troubleshooting flowchart in the following link:

[Troubleshooting] Failed Internet access through router | Official Support | ASUS Global

If you have tried the above steps but the issue persists, we recommend sending your router to the nearest official repair center, where our engineers can diagnose the problem and provide a solution. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.