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DSL throughput speed limited to 120mb/s with DSL-AX82U

Star I

I replaced my ISP's (Sunrise) terrible router with an ASUS DSL-AX82U as the 5GHz channel on the ISP router consistently makes the modem overheat and the 5GHz channel turns off - I have had 3 of the routers and they all have the same issue. They also do not have AX, only AC.

The Issue is that although I can get a steady 350-390mb/s DSL on my ISP router, I cannot achieve above 120mb/s with the ASUS connection. The auto setup finds my ISP settings. 

I have tried to change manual settings to VDSL2 G.993.2 but it does not connect to the DSLAM.

I have also tried variously removing QOL settings and trying less aggressive ISP settings but nothing seems to allow connection.

If anyone else has any idea, or an idea of how to find DSLAM settings through a cmd prompt netstat command as my router does not show any DSL settings at all I would be much appreciative.

Kind regards