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Z590 Motherboard Does Not POST

Star I

Z590 WiFi GUNDAM Edition Motherboard will only POST with 1 RAM Module in A2 Slot. If I add RAM in the B2 slot the motherboard will not POST. No matter what RAM goes in paired or unpaired the same issue presents. I have asked ASUS but no answer from them.

However if I put RAM in the A2 and A1 Slots the motherboard will POST and show the correct amount of memory. But If I add any more RAM modules the motherboard will not POST. The manual states that the RAM should be in the A2 and B2 slots for Dual Channel but it will not POST with RAM there. Motherboard is rated at 128GB.

I have used 8GB, 16GB and 32GB 3200 paired modules ans=d the results are the same. Is there some setting to get the motherboard to run in Dual Channel? Or even with all 4 RAM Modules?

The manual states A2 and B2 but that configuration does not work...



Hello, @Randem

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Z590 Motherboard will only POST with 1 RAM Module in B2 Slot
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