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VGA Light on but got display

Star I

Hello guys .. want to ask about my pc problem, i have a rog strix x670e-f gaming wifi mobo .. everytime i turn on my pc, my white vga light will stays on the whole time, there will be "DP No Signal" at first startup den a few seconds the screen will lit up instantly and jump straight to windows. no asus rog mobo startup like it was supposed to be, ive bring my pc to the techy and when they on my pc with their monitor it will lit up normally with asus rog mobo startup etc and without any vga lights on, but when i bring back home and test it again with my monitor ill get the same problem back again with the vga lights on the whole time, what does this mean .. is it my monitor not compatible with the mobo? i have a msi g27c4x 250hz monitor.



Hello, @ekis 

Regarding the absence of the ROG logo during boot-up, may I ask if  you have enabled "fast boot" in the BIOS?

We recommend disabling this feature or clearing CMOS before checking again.
If necessary, consider updating to the latest BIOS version 1905 released on February 7, 2024, and checking again after clearing CMOS
As for the Q-LED VGA indicators lighting up, are you connecting the display through the GPU? Have you tried cross-testing with DP or HDMI connections or using different cables?
Please refer to the instructions in [Motherboard] ASUS motherboard troubleshooting via Q-LED indicators for guidance if needed.

Thank you.

Rising Star I

VGA light is part of your motherboard. This problem occurs due to a problem with the graphics card or the motherboard. A loose connection can also trigger this issue.