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Motherboard PRIME A320M-K Windows 10 BSOD

Star I

Long time ago I started a new message, about to a PRIME A320M-K motherboard, with troubles as; BIOS boot process, halted with "F2" "DEL" screen and OS windows 10 it restarted with the Blue Screen Of Dead screen BSOD.

As support replies with ambiguous replies and happens more often Windows 10 BSOD failure and check visible flaws on motherboard and so on connectors and so others, I come to me the idea by remove one of memory bank.

What happened?

The failure ceased, if someone could think saying it was the memory bank, I have swap memory banks with the same result (No BSOD).

Clearly seems problem becomes ASUS, so I inform to ASUS support. What was response?

Ambiguous responses, update bios and others software drivers (check MEMORY / DEVICE COMPATIBILITY) and claim again who sold motherboard dealer.

I told the support agent this kind of issue should be analyzed by engineering side at ASUS factory with no further response.

As said, buying an ASUS product is and will be a headache and waste of money for nothing.



Hello, @Ricardo_63 

Regarding the encountered BSOD, does it occur only upon reboot?
May I ask if the situation you described happened after any changes were made, such as BIOS updates, BIOS settings adjustments, or connecting external devices?
We recommend referring to the instructions in [Motherboard] Solution to Blue Screen Of Death for troubleshooting.
If necessary, consider updating the BIOS to the latest version 6210, clearing CMOS, and performing a Reset the PC and keep your file.
Alternatively, remove all SSDs and HDDs, then install a new system disk separately to rule out potential drive hardware issues or malware infections.
Regarding memory, have you made any adjustments, like memory overclocking?
To rule out memory-related BSODs, we suggest booting into the default BIOS after clearing CMOS to verify the issue.
Also, please confirm if the currently installed memory is listed in the QVL of the PRIME A320M-K and installed in the recommended slots as per the user manual.

Thank you.

HI Jiaszzz and many thanks for replying.
BSOD it happens when windows is running, no specific time when it happens, just only blue screen with some error message for a few seconds and reboot process, by the way Windows events it detect with 041 code and what ever it's suggested to this error it not solve anything.
Same happens if make change on bios parameters, even if change memory adjustment (I not liking to set overclocking to the system).
Clearing and Bios default have made and many time.
The only I couldn’t found installed memory in the QVL of the PRIME A320M-K I guess as memory component which have a highest product rotation replaced by new memory development, by the way QVL list is updated (for the new memory devices)??? I guess no.
By the other way as ASUS support for Case Inquiry it request details about product hardware (Memory vendor/model/specification), which I provided details and never have been questioned about interoperability or compatibility.

[Product information]
Product Type: Motherboard
Product model: PRIME A320M-K
Product serial number: M4M0KK04G449MYA
Operating system/firmware or BIOS version: Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise
Version 10.0.19045 Build 19045

[Graphic card vendor/model/chipset/driver]
N/A (Motherboard)

[CPU vendor/processor number]
AMD A10-9700 RADEON R7, 10 COMPUTE CORES 4C+6G, 3500 Mhz, 4 main processors, 4 logical processors

[Memory Vendor/Model/Specification]
DDR4 8GB 26666Mhz CL19 1.2V


Installed physical memory (RAM)8.00 GB
Total physical memory 7.43 GB
Available physical memory3.46 GB

BIOS version and dateAmerican Megatrends Inc. 5603, 10/14/2020
SMBIOS2.8 version
Integrated controller version255.255
BIOS ModeLegacy
Motherboard ManufacturerASUSTeK COMPUTER INC.
Product motherboardPRIME A320M-K
Motherboard version Rev X.0x

Hello, @Ricardo_63 

Due to the ongoing local holidays in our area, my response time may experience delays.
I apologize for any inconvenience the delayed replies may have caused.

Thank you for providing the relevant information.
Have you tried troubleshooting by referring to the FAQ I provided earlier?
This includes system restoration or cross-testing system disks.
Also, based on the information you provided, the current BIOS version is 5603, which has a gap in version span compared to the latest BIOS version 6223 released on April 3, 2024.

It is recommended that you consider updating and then clearing CMOS before rechecking. 

Thank you.

Star I


I have tried all, even check as on FAQ I.
How to clear CMOS, by short pin and by remove battery.
By running Microsoft recovery which not finding any troubles, check drivers and update (when run drive update it displayed drivers are updated).
About BIOS update.
I have tried bios update by through internet with unsuccessful which it displayed the following message;
Bios version is already up to date”

With the USB option and whatever bios file I've tried, it displayed the following message;
selected file is not a proper BIOS!” even have tried by using rename included on the file downloaded.

By the other way, have check BIOS update process on manual page 6 (usb and internet methods).
Even on web page ( were it explain video example.