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Latest Prime Z790P BIOS still does not comply with Intel recommendations

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I have a Prime Z790P motherboard with a 13900K CPU and I downloaded the latest BIOS with Intel Performance and Extreme profiles, 1658 from 31/05/2024. I wanted to use these profiles to stick to the recommendations from Intel.

However, when using either of these profiles, the AC and DC loadline values are 0.5 and 1.0, while Intel recommends that AC and DC values are equal. Because of this reason I had to disable the current excursion protection (CEP) settings, otherwise I would be subject to clock stretching and the performance of the CPU would be drastically reduced.

Is this a bug? Will it be fixed in the next BIOS?



Hello, @IlCode85 

I apologize for the delay in responding.
Although we recommend you keep your system up to date by installing the latest BIOS to benefit from improved functionality and performance enhancements, according to the latest BIOS 1658 documentation for the PRIME Z790-P, "Redefine the factory defaults based on Intel’s new ""Intel Default Settings"" for various CPU SKUs."
If you have concerns regarding CPU performance, please consider whether updating to this version is necessary. 

Thank you.

Hello @Jiaszzz_ASUS ,

Thank you for your reply.

I also read the description of the BIOS update. The problem is that it does not comply with Intel's new "Intel Default Settings". Intel Defaut Settings imply that AC and DC values are equal, as recommended by Intel, while this BIOS sets them at 0.5 and 1.0, respectively. I would like to know if this is a bug and if it will be solved in the next BIOS update.

Would it be possible for you to talk with the people responsible for creating this BIOS? Thank you in advance for your help.

Hello, @IlCode85 

Could you please share screenshots of the current BIOS settings page as described, the official link for "Intel Default Settings imply that AC and DC values are equal, as recommended by Intel," and help confirm the following information?
- Screenshots of the BIOS main page and all manually adjusted items in the BIOS
- Brand and model of the CPU, GPU, RAM (including part numbers and installed slots), SSD/HDD, and PSU currently installed 
- If any parameters are confirmed through system diagnostics, please provide the software version, test results, and complete screenshots

Thank you.

Hello, @IlCode85 

Thank you for the valuable feedback.
I will forward it to our relevant teams for further evaluation and consideration in the future.
However, when it comes to precise BIOS operations and parameters, please keep in mind that we should follow the parameters specified by the CPU supplier.

Thank you.