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Disable thunderbolt power supply on ProArt X570

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Hi, I need to disable the thunderbolt power supply . I have a Sonnet Echo III with a RME sound in it and I have sound buzzing. 

I test the thunderbolt Echo III on mac and when the macbook is on DC power the buzz is gone.
So I'm sure now that it's coming from the thunderbolt power supply of the motherboard.

Thank in advance for your help.


Star II

There may not be a universal solution for disabling Thunderbolt power supply on all systems, as it often depends on the specific motherboard and BIOS/UEFI options available. However, I can provide general guidance that may help you find the relevant settings. Please note that newer BIOS/UEFI versions may have additional or different options.

Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Access BIOS/UEFI:

    • Restart your computer and enter the BIOS/UEFI settings. This is usually done by pressing a specific key during the boot process. Common keys include Del, F2, F10, or Esc. Check your motherboard's manual or screen prompts during boot for the correct key.
  2. Look for Thunderbolt Settings:

    • Navigate through the BIOS/UEFI settings and look for options related to Thunderbolt. The exact location of these settings can vary among different motherboard manufacturers.
  3. Power Delivery Settings:

    • Check if there are options related to Thunderbolt Power Delivery (PD). Some motherboards allow you to adjust or disable power delivery through Thunderbolt.
  4. BIOS/UEFI Update:

    • Ensure that your motherboard's BIOS/UEFI firmware is up to date. Manufacturers may release updates that address compatibility issues or provide additional settings.
  5. Contact Manufacturer Support:

    • If you cannot find the necessary settings in the BIOS/UEFI or if you're unsure about making changes, consider reaching out to the motherboard manufacturer's support. They may provide guidance or inform you if the desired feature is not available.
  6. Check Operating System Settings:

    • In addition to BIOS/UEFI settings, some operating systems may have power management settings related to Thunderbolt. Check your OS power settings to see if there are any options related to Thunderbolt power delivery.

Keep in mind that making changes to BIOS/UEFI settings carries some risk, and you should proceed with caution. If you're not comfortable doing this yourself, seeking assistance from someone with experience or contacting the manufacturer's support is a good idea.