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Can't get new build to post

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New build, Asus B450M-All with latest bios, Ryzen 5-5600G CPU.

I was hoping to use my SSD from my old computer that had died suddenly. It was loaded with the latest version of windows 10. I wanted to use it just as it was without starting all over. The Asus will not boot from it, although it does show up in the bios. Went to MS site and found a boot program that I loaded to my thumb drive. I thought it was a boot disk I could use to get it up and running then be able to diagnose why my SSD was not working.  Ran the program and it wanted the installation number of the current version of windows which I can't obviously read so continued on. It then said the update option isn't available to you. I apparently didn't have the right program. This is my first build in 18 years and things have changed to say the least. 

I have a new system except the 1TB Samsung SSD and a backup WD 1TB hard drive. Neither will boot. I am kinda stuck as to where to begin at this point. The last choice is to take it to a local repair shop. The problem there is I want to get back up to speed on how to diagnose and troubleshoot this myself. When I asked this one shop if I could be there and just watch, I was informed it was frowned on; which I can understand. 




Hello, @tom3holer 

Due to the ongoing local holidays in our area, my response time may experience delays.
I apologize for any inconvenience the delayed replies may have caused.
Have you tried using other boot disks besides installing the old SSD with Windows 10 OS and are still experiencing the issue of not being able to POST into the system?
We recommend cross-testing with alternative boot disks or systems. 
Additionally, please refer to the troubleshooting guide [Motherboard] Troubleshooting - No Power/No Boot/No Display and conduct tests with minimal components to isolate potential causes.

Thank you.