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Hello guys!Matherboard - ASUS TUF GAMING B760M-PLUS WIFI DDR5.The RAM starts only with a frequency of 4000ghz. The BIOS has been updated to version 1604. Because the stock version could not detect the M2 SSD "ADATA LEGEND 960 MAX 2TB". At the moment,...

Arkagod by Star I
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why does asus expect someone to have two cpu’s??

Bought a new motherboard because my old one was dead, new motherboard said it was compatible for 5000 series amd. Turns out to get the compatibility, you need a 3000 series amd cpu to update the the 5000 series bios. Who came up with this bright idea...

hubuh by Star I
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Need help about motherboard's CPU's compatibility

I have a ROG STRIX B350-F GAMING motherboard and inside I have a Ryzen 5 2600x CPU. I wanted to upgrade for a while but I didn't know where to start so I went to some friends and they said the motherboard couldn't support higher CPU's but then I came...

BIOS update

Hello, I need to update BIOS but the version i want to download wants me to backup bitlocker recovery key which my windows version doesnt allow would i still be available to download it without any problem or what should i do?

BbB1 by Star I
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No display

After completing my build I turned my computer on and there is no display. I’ve tried unhooking everything and tied to use the integrated graphics with no luck. Everything seems to work as far as turning on, (I.E.) the fans, lights, and etc. all seem...

Mills by Star I
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B460-PLUS - M.2 D Drive disappears after cold boot

Hello,Every time when I power on my computer (cold boot) I dont see my m.2 PCI-E disk. I need to restard and then disk is available in BIOS and Windows 10.I have Asus B460-Plus mainboard, Intel I5-10400f, Samsung SSD and WD HDD in SATA ports. I tried...

nti by Star I
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Update bios Asus TUF Gaming B760-Plus

Hello I want to buy tuf gaming b760-plus with 14700k. The bios version must be upgrade to support this cpu but the specific motherboard has not usb bios plug . Is there other way to update bios to post the pc???

Lost SSD Q-latch

Hello,I recently bought an Z690i Mother Board and it doesn't have SSD Q-latch at bottom SSD. Situation, I just clip top and bottom heatsink to bottom SSD and ignore it, or I have to find another Q-latch for replacement. This picture I got from intern...

Resolved! System Reboot after unplugging usb 2.0 wifi adapter

HiSomething weird Happened to my is what happened: After windows startup the system freezes. also mouse and keyboard are off and I can not open task manager or restart the system.I pressed the restart button on my pc and nothing happened. whe...