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asus prime z790-p wifi, 4 sticks of new ddr5 6000mhz 4x16gb T-Force, can't run XMP

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asus prime z790-p wifi is my mother board

I have 4 new sticks of ddr5 6000mhz 4x16gb T-Force, my old single 16gb stick of ram was all I had in the computer before I bought 4 new sticks of the exact same ram

I have updated the bios with a flash drive properly in ez flash utility 3 with the latest bios for the mother board

I can only use the ram in CS2 if XMP is disabled or my game will crash everytime and even restart my computer sometimes

If XMP is enabled it crashes, I've tried XMP1 and XMP2, both crash the computer and when CS2 is running

So with XMP disabled it sets the ram to auto, and runs at 4000mhz, instead of running at 6000mhz when XMP is enabled

For some reason when loading on optimized defaults it sets everything to auto, and XMP is off. Then everything runs fine.

But I want to try and run it with XMP, that way I get the most out of my ram

Any ideas? any help appreciated


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It is a well known issue that most DDR5 motherboards will not be stable with 4 sticks using XMP profiles. 

Check your system is stable with 2 sticks with XMP enabled, it probably will be.

Check these out: 4 STICKs DDR5 + XMP = NO BOOT .... Why It's still an issue! [+ tips & Workarounds] (

Why I get NO POST with XMP??? 👉 ULTIMATE RAM + XMP Guide (




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asus prime z790-p wifi, 4 sticks of new ddr5 6000mhz 4x16gb T-Force, can't run XMP
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