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Twin view dock 3 suggestions

Star I
Twin view dock 3 should have following features to use it optimally;

1. Facility to run only one screen

2. Second screen automatically goes off if work done in only one screen

3. Setting of screen off time of second screen after ideal condition

4. Keyboard in second screen while typing

5. Facility to run on portrait mode

6. Game mode and office mode in armoury crate

7. Compact size of twin dock to fit in pocket

8. Screenshot facility in second screen

9. Screenshot Facility in second screen through gesture

Rising Star II
Please make this happen. LG has Wide mode app to extend the screen into a single whole screen. It should be possible. We've been waiting for this thing since twinview is a thing @ARP_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS @Anders_ASUS

Rising Star II
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