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Full Carrier Support and Network Compatibility (5G, VoLTE, VoWiFi, etc.) should be #1 Priority

Rising Star I
ASUS needs to make it so that the ROG Phone series is fully compatible with the carriers and networks in regions that they are selling it. The forums have mostly been flooded with demands of VoLTE and in some cases requests for 5G to be enabled in their region. It's the same requests and issues being reported time and time again.
The ROG Phone is first and foremost a phone and it isn't a wise idea to purchase a phone that plays games well but have calls that drop or have trouble receiving messages because it is missing some kind of approval from the carriers or because carriers don't like how the phone doesn't have the bands to support such features. I would've really liked to purchase the ROG Phone 5 but I'm very hesitant because I've read from people here that they have trouble connecting to 5G and VoLTE on T-Mobile.
PLEASE WORK WITH CARRIERS! If it's a money issue then allocate resources from other things into making sure that the ROG Phone meets basic standards expected of phones in 2021.

On a side note so I don't have to make another thread about it (especially since I don't think it should even be prioritized), I just want to say that I like how the ROG Phone 5 has theme packs. I think it would be cool to have a Gundam theme pack since ASUS has done a Gundam collaboration recently and released Gundam branded ROG PC components. NieR theme pack would be a cool one too but it's a little niche. But if licensed theme packs can't be done then a cool original mecha theme pack would also be awesome.

Star II
+1 for me too
I also did a huge write up post on this month's ago trying to figure out what the go was. I fully understand the issue now, what's halting then is that they need to test that emergency calls work on VoLTE/VoWiFi (000 here in Australia), which is why they haven't just gone ahead and taken on the (literally) 5 second task of adding the MBN into the ROM.

Another thing I mentioned in my thread, and this is something I believe asus has failed to realise, is that Telstra will be turning off its 3G signal in 2024, which means any phone not equipped with VoLTE will be unusable, and thus, unsellable in this country

I'm on the ROG Phone Ii and I can't believe they didn't sort this out for the sale of the 5.

Tick Tock ASUS. You have 2.5 years left before you need to scrub Australia off your seller list. God help you if you don't get the memo and take the 2024 product to shelves without knowing 😅

And when you DO add VoLTE to this line, for god's sake, don't do something cheeky and add it only to the newest or yet to be released phone. We bought these phones because they're beasts and will last us 4 years+. Add it to the entire line back to the original ROG Phone. Do the right thing

Zen Master I
Because of this, I will never buy a Asus phone again, I'm coming back to Samsung. (I have a super powerfull ROG2 12/512GB without 4G calling in Brazil)