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Add an option to lock particular network bands in ROG Phone series.

Star I
Please add an option to lock a particular network band in Rog devices. It's a serious issue for me and many other users out there in India. Our phone keeps changing bands repeatedly when we surf the internet or play onlines games and stuff, which causes the the network speed to fluctuate and we can't get our job done.
I have used many android phones in the past and almost all of the devices supported this function. Even Oneplus supports this while rocking the same Snapdragon processor like Rog devices do. Please look into this matter and add this in the next OTA update. I'm sure I'm not the first person to ask about this option to be added in our devices.
And trust me when I say this phone people might refrain from buying or upgrading their phones to newer ones because of this lack of a simple setting.
Thank you.