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[ROG Phone 8 / Zenfone 11 Ultra] I'm experiencing distortion in the sound when pressing the screen on my phone. How can I fix this?

:If you encounter distortion in the sound coming from the speaker when using your phone, it may be due to the lens protector covering the lens obstructing the vent hole.
The vent hole is an essential design feature found in phones that support IP68 water resistance. Its function is to balance the internal and external pressure of the phone. When the lens protector on the lens blocks this vent hole, the pressure cannot be balanced, resulting in sound distortion.
There are two ways to address this issue:
1. Remove the lens protector : If there's a lens protector on your phone's lens, consider removing it to restore the proper functioning of the vent hole.
2. Choose an appropriate lens protector : If you prefer to keep your phone's lens protected, make sure to select a lens protector  with a reserved hole for the main lens. This will ensure that the vent hole remains unobstructed.

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