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[Phone] How to set up Call forwarding on your phone?

To set up call forwarding on your phone, please follow these steps:

1. Open the Settings app on your phone.
2. Tap Network & internet > Call > Carrier-related > Call forwarding.
3. Choose the SIM card you want to forward calls from.
4. You will see multiple options, including:
    ● Always forward: All calls will be forwarded to the number you enter.
    ● When busy: Calls will only be forwarded if you are already on another call.
    ● When unanswered: Calls will only be forwarded if you do not answer them within a certain number of rings.
    ● When unreachable: Calls will only be forwarded when you have airplane mode turned on, are out of network coverage Area, or your phone is turned off.
5. Once you have selected the forwarding option you want, enter the number you want to forward calls to.
6. Tap Turn on.



Turning off call forwarding:
Follow steps 1-4 mentioned above, then select the call forwarding option you want to disable and tap Turn off.

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