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[Optical Storage] Customer Induced Damage (CID) criteria

ASUS does not warrant uninterrupted or error-free operation of this Product. The warranty only covers technical hardware issues during the Warranty Period and in normal use conditions. It applies to firmware issues but not to any other software issues or customer induced damages or circumstances such as but not limited to:

For more warranty information, please refer to the warranty policy provided on the ASUS product support page.

Note: The following images are for reference only.



If damage is caused by the following scenarios (including but not limited to), your device will not be applicable for ASUS warranty service.


Outer Surface (Case) - Damage

Comments:  Scratches or breakage on the surface caused by external forces.

Surface - Parts missing

Comments: Device is disassembled and parts are missing, such as missing screws.

I/O port damage

Comments: Device received with visual evidence of damage to I/O board by forced insertion or removal of external plug-in device

Device with watermarks or water stains.

Comments: Device damage and has noticeable watermarks caused by liquid entering the device.

Damage caused by foreign object

Comments: Damage caused by foreign objects inside the device.


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