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Zenimoji button invisible in nav bar during video call in snapchat also update camera fr thrd party

Community Legend II
Tried to clear cache of snapchat and system as well also tried to force stop and restart snapchat several times but still navigation bar does not show zenimoji button down there on navigation bar during video call on snapchat 

Also i checked with instagram if the problem is same with all other thirdparty apps but there seems no issues with instagram 

So plz fix this issue as soon as possible unable to use zenimoji feature in videocalls 

2) problem with lowlight photography from thirdparty apps lyk snapchat and instagram creats alot of grainyy images also camera lagss alot with lowlight in thirdparty apps also tried to tap to focus on screen and then if it gets stable, but nothing helped theres lot of lagginess to use camera in snapchat and instagram during lowlight plzz fix this as soon as possible 🙄
Why dont u enable CAMERA2API for zenfone 5z to level full

Community Legend II
Camera2Api is enabled for Zenfone 5z.


Community Legend II
Thats f9 happy to know that but what about camera quality in thirdparty apps then why is it so laggy and picture quality decreases after the post on any social media app and also as comapre to pixelmaster camera app its so grainy and dull in thirdparty social apps and especially low light is worst with all grains and lagss
Also what about bug with snapchat app zenimoji button unable to see in navigation bar during video calls