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Audio wizard app bug sound stage page half outside display,snapchat zenimoji button dissappeared

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new update-
qmosgz3upyk3.jpgImage_ https___us.v-cdn.net_6031231_uploads_editor_dc_vd0h7a00nzzm.jpg
1)After updating system to latest version DTS-SOUND STAGE. Options in Audiowizard app are half outside the display this occurs only if earphones or headsets are plugged in 3.5 mm jack u cn see in shared screenshot tried clear cahe ,several restarts but nothing changed plz fix this bug as soon as possible

2) Also zenimoji button is dissappeared during video calls for snapchat in navigation bar and works on other third party apps lyk instagram,facebook plz fix this issue AS SOON AS POSSIBLE also tried clearing cache of app and restarting device but problem remains same 

3) camera defocus in low lightning conditions occurs several times in all apps as well as camera app even after tap to focus,it still struggles alot to focus and image apperas to be defocused,this happens only on DIM LIGHT OR LOW LIGHT CONDITIONS  during night shots   also tried clear cache and several device restarts but nothing has fixed 

Plz solve all the issues immediately ?

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Is it I can't find it.

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Rohitkm said:
Is it I can't find it.
This occurs only after headsets are plugged in 3.5 mm jack first plug earphones or headsets and then check kindly

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The audio has still not improved, no matter how i toggle the equalizer i m getting flat sound, cannot hear any changes. This is a pathetic update on a flagship phone like 5z. Asus, so something soon or i will have to get rid of your phone.

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@Anders_ASUS No any moderator to help me out?? Waiting since long for moderators reply plz reply me as soon as possible ? point 2) n 3) are my main concern  my 5Z isnt redefining flagship as it was launched with the tag line? camera needs along way of improvemnt to go since 5z launched there no such special camera tweakings as u do for 6Z n ROG thats so unfair other brands always add new features to device as well as camera with every update but our 5Z is still playing with audio department to get it better with every update but what about camera in third party apps requires your attention Asus plz focus wherever required?