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Zenfone 5 night photos

Star III
When the Al detects low light environment, do we have to hold the phone a bit longer (it feels like the device will take multiple photos during that time)? If so, can you let us know how long we have to hold it (by adding a "hold still" or "processing" notification on the screen when it is taking the photo- like the "processing" notification of super resolution mode). And I think that Asus has no intention to update Zenfone 5 with super night mode so i have a little request: please increase the time that we have to hold the phone while taking low light photos in order to get the best photo quality-less noise, more sharpness since it will take more photos to reduce noise more efficiently (if the supposition that i mentioned above is true). But i will still be very grateful if Asus update this phone with super night mode ?