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Zenfone 5 camera not focusing

Recently I've been unable to focus the camera, I haven't dropped the phone and I've already tried with various camera apps but nothing seems to work. Anyone knows a fix or the cause for this?


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I have the same problem, since I've update the firmware on March 2020. It stay focus on near object. Feels like you have a main bokeh camera, permanently. Cannot focus on far object.
There is no solution in the internet, beside Asus recommend you to go to service center to repair, and you pay for the reparation cost.
The problem caused by ASUS bad firmware update, but you must pay for Asus Developer mistakes in the service center.
This is the first time I really disappointed with Asus. They usually have a strong software developer. But this is fatal. The Asus flagship camera phone, now useless because of this.

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Same problem, no solution yet. I hope they fix this, it's a seriously bad problem. @Titan_ASUS@ch810099 @ServiceC_ASUS

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Same problem, no solution yet. I hope Asus fix this, it's really problematic @ServiceC_ASUS

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Are you facing this only on PixelMaster camera? How about Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. cameras?
If the problem doesn't occur on other camara apps,
Can you manually focus on PixelMaster's Manual Mod? If yes, simply erase PixelMaster's data, cache.
If the problem occurs on other camera apps,
Then simply pray to god for problem to be solved after performing a factory reset. Or maybe after using a while. Or trying a downgrade? If these don't resolve your problem either, then welcome to Asus Service Center.
Edit: I saw OP tried other camera apps. But I'm not sure about other people.