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Zenfone 5 Android 10 Beta 2 bugs

Star II
here i find some practical bugs....
strong vibrations - no adjustment
led - notifications not working
operating system - slow responses - it could be faster on Android 10
sound - flatten without bass and without equalizer setings
no stock app for music playing
no ambient display notifications
screen - no option to set colors and temperature of display
can't hide notch
weather - old "oldschool" unmodern application
gallery - none stock and the original old from zenui 5 doesn´t work
camera is terrible - one nightmare with this soft - blurred photos without details, colors without life, the application is non-ergonomic - zenfone 5 has excellent optics but needs gcam - takes beautiful photos, portraits and hdr shots
please work on the software 🙂 I hope it will be ZenUi 6 branded..
details make a perfect phone 🙂 !!!!!

Star I
Kesinlikle katılıyorum. Android 10 ZenUi 6 ile gelmeli.

Star II
i see another problems...
alarm low volume is too high
navigation bar at the bottom of the screen don´t hide when the videos are playing (not youtube) but videos in web browser (chrome)

Star I
Bu telefonun sesi güzeldi 10 yukledikten sonra ses baya azaldi acil çözüm lütfen

Star III
Guys, nearly all of them are known issues. Asus is for NOW releasing beta versions. Probably the next update will include ZenUI 6. They did same thing to Zenfone 5Z too. The first 2 Android 10 Beta versions were pure AOSP which were focused on kernel level optimizations and the 3rd version was a ZenUI 6 update. So, all of your problems are known. Just be patient or switch back to Android 9 firmware. Please report unexpected behaviors (like random system restart or a triggering problem) instead of absent features. These versions focused on stability not User Experience.