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Some suggestions for Zen ui 6 on Asus 5z

Community Legend I
 1.Supernight mode (5z with OIS can greatly benefit from a dedicated night mode ) 
Btw thanks very much for enabling cam2api on 5z with pie (now basically all the gcams meant for Zenfone 6 work on 5z too development for 5z as in roms/gcams has had a great kickstart 1 yr after launch) 
2.Support for Arcore
3.Better notification padding (I know the notch is kind of limitation here)
4.Hdr++ mode (if imx 363 doesn't limit it)
And some camera optimisations
5.Stereo output is quite good on the current firmware on 5z,both the earpiece and the bottom speaker create a balanced stereo effect 
6.Zen UI 5 had quite a lot of bugs nothing deal-breaker just annoying (minor issues with DPI etc)
Hoping that Zen ui 6 would contain newer Zenbugs (pun intended 🙂
I've seen the newer Zen ui 6(on Zenfone  gotta say it's among one of the best In the market current (it's smooth and fast)
Here's hoping that 5z would get the same new UI (would hate to get a half baked ui like the Zen ui 5 on the older Zenfone 3/4 devices)
7.How about doubling the power button as a quick google assistant toggle (hold 1-2s for assistant 3-4 second for power menu) this might come in handy 
(Inspired by color os 6 ?)
8.In built screen recorder 
9.Timely bimonthly updates (Asus promised 2 yrs of patches but wouldn't hurt to extend it right? Android R?(that's just too far right lol)
10.Better  appdrawer animation (currently there are a bit on frame drops)
11.The newer goodies like Ai boost 2.0,optiflex 2.0 etc which Zenfone 6 got (basically all the improved functionalities)
12.Solving of battery drain issue (on network standby) android system also takes quite a bit of battery
Apart from that 5z is still a complete package phone in 2019
I guess that's about it 
Hope an admin reads through it.
Here's just an extra thing:
(Off topic )
I've been on a lot of One plus and Xiaomi groups on telegram which have quite large active communities, comparatively Asus Zenfone 6 has a smaller community(fyi 5z community has 1k+ members and is very much active)
But the group has a number of notable devs (Luca Stefani,Kdragon) also Arnova working on gcam is great ( kudos to Asus for sending free units to Devs hope this trend continues with next generation of Zenfones.
Looking forward to the Zenfone 7 (I may very wellbuy that one )


Community Legend II
Thanks for your comments and suggestions!
Active communities are welcome - and so far development on ZenFone 6 seems to go in a more positive direction vs. the past phone models.