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Fast Charge Not Working

Rising Star I
its been a 3 days I'm facing the issue of slow charge. at first i thought it was a temporary problem. will gwt solved after restarting the device or keeping the device off for few minutes. but no, it didn't work out. then i tried other methods described by the asus mods or devs. I'm using the original adopter and cable came inside the box. stopped all the background apps, kept on airplane mode even switched off the phone but no change in the charging speed. and now I'm getting irritated with the asus. i used to recommend the asus devices to my friends and relatives. but i won't anymore due to so bad service. please solve this shit ASAP if you want to keep it a honored brand in the today's world. @Kris_ASUS @CH_ASUS @Titan_ASUS please reply and give a promise to solve this ASAP.

Star I
same problem asus rog 2

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fix this shit !!!!

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I am facing exact same issue of not fast charging in 2020 July. Is it not fixed yet? This is really frustrating. Its not even charging at normal speed, takes about an hour to reach 0-10%. Really frustrating.

Community Legend II
Hi All,
New update has been release i.e. .92 see if you still see fast charging problems after updating your device
If problem is still there please check with below steps 👇:-
1) Changing usb cable with adaptor
2) By changing your charging adaptor and cable both
3) If above 2 steps didn't work kindly take your device to service centre for checkup with your cable and adaptor
Note:- Dont forget to take backup of your imp data before you submit your device to service centre