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DTS X ultra with new audiowizard support for zenfone 5z

Rising Star II
@CH_ASUS please provide thethe  DTS X ultra sound for zenfone 5z which is present in Zenfone 6. Since it is software based and zenfone 5z is capable of this DTS X ultra sound which will improve the audio performance for sure...

If I'm not wrong DTS X ULTRA is 5th gen of dts and DTS HEADPHONE X is 3rd gen offered by dts so we can get much better audio quality if we have DTS x ultra. 
Please asus if you can't provide zenui 7 update for 5z in upcoming days atleast provide this...

Star III
Audiowizard of zenfone 5z has stopped working after the last update, fix that first then send other updates

Zen Master I
@"lalit.sobhani"  my audiowizard is working fine and sound quality is dope ow. must be some problem with your device. try re-configuring audiowizard.

Zen Master I
@dpstar7582 i am in support of your idea. please make it happen @CH_ASUS . we want DTS X ultra and new Audiowizard in 5z via future updates.