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Asus zenfone 5z camera not focusing

My camera is giving blurry images. Not only in pixelmaster but in other apps too. Please asus fix it in the next update otherwise the phone will be useless. Have already tried cache clear and other stuffs.


Support cycle for phones now will provide 4 major OS updates.Thanks god we have just two. Otherwise I wouldn't buy new phone faster.

topolov by Rising Star II
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5Z fast charge

Fast charge stopped working after 01/05/2022 update. Need a fix, phone charged in 45 mins prior to update, now 12 hours to charge

Rog 6 Camera Upgrade!

Turns out the Rog6 will feature a new IMX766 sensor I am starting to get excited here, no instarelease after announcment of new SoC like last time, new camera upgrade that we have been looking for and still no word from ASUS, this sounds like first q...

Rog 6, finally a masterpiece on its way?

New Snapdragon chip announced, phone manufacutrers jumping on the bandwagon to release their phones as quickly as possible. but whats that? ASUS so quiet? Did ASUS finally learn that rushing a top of the line device isnt a good idea? Well I'll be dam...

ASUS RT-AX3000 Reboots every minute

Hello -My router constantly reboots. It will start up, have internet connection, and then shut down. When it reboots, it the internet connection is indicator is “red,” and then the router reboots a few seconds later.This goes on and on forever… like ...