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Zenfone 5z Android 11 att

I want to know If zenfone 5z Will haver the upgrade to Android 11 and when, because its unfair to not have this att to zenfone 5z

Asus 5z camera blurry concern

My Asus 5z was perfectly working until last week.When i noticed my main camera's photos coming blurry and the auto focus isn't working at all.I want to understand what to do next and why it happened?P.S: I keep my phone with utmost care in a high qua...

Otg zenfone 2

Guys i want to ask why is the usb otg for Zenfone 2 ZE 551 ML not detected? As a note, the OTG I use is a wireless model, aka plugged directly into the OTG device. I have enabled usb debugging but still no sign of incoming otg. Is there a solution? S...

Czl by Star I
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Help!!! Looking for new phone

I'm looking for a backup phone when it's 2nd hand 3rd hand nor 5fifth hand. I need more storage for Higher data. My phone is lag and not good also to use. Would you help me ? Or else Discounted and Negotiable price ? Thank you God bless.

Otg pada Zenfone 2

Guys nanya dong kenapa otg usb utk Zenfone 2 ZE 551 ML tdk terdeteksi ya? Sbg catatan otg yg saya pakai itu model tanpa kabel alias colok langsung ke perangkat otgnya. Saya sudah mengaktifkan usb debugging tp tetap ga ada tanda apapun tentang otg yg ...

Czl by Star I
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Rog5s Problems

Hello,My SIM card reader isn't reading the SIM card. My finger print sensor just stopped working, can't charge phone using bottom charging dock. It still charging on side charging dock. I'm currently using WiFi to use the phone. Has anyone else has a...

Asus zenfone 5z camera not focusing

My camera is giving blurry images. Not only in pixelmaster but in other apps too. Please asus fix it in the next update otherwise the phone will be useless. Have already tried cache clear and other stuffs.