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I Need Bluetooth HID Profile Zenfone5Q

Device Zenfone 5Q Android 9 pie Please send in a software update with the Bluetooth HID Profile so I can make the amiibo function work in the Joycon Droid App. NEED THIS BADLY. LIKE A.S.A.P.

Found This new Bug on 5z

Hey asus I found this bug, where when trying to open developer options the settings app crashes. Please take a look at this nd send a fix right away. Look at the video for reference

Отсутствует режим сети 2g/4g 5Z

Здравствуйте, asus 5z. Отсутствует режим сети 2g/4g на sim1. Не возможно изменить параметры точки доступа apn sim2 qcq1.191008.001.ww_use r100.10.107.70_20200320

Android 10 AOSP Zenfone 5 ZE620KL

I have installed the AOSP version of Android 10 for the Zenfone 5 ZE620KL that was released on 08/4/2020 ... it was retired and now it has been relaunched on 22/4/2020 the Android 10 AOSP version ... Is there any difference with the version of the da...

Xezerio by Star I
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Main Camera

Hi why my asus Zenfone 3 camera main was blured ?? I dont know why this happened. I want it to work well as before please help me.


Zenfone 5 (ZE620KL) Bootloop

Sorry guys, i know i'd really dumb in android troubleshooting.. but suddenly my ZE620KL got blank screen and always restarting. already try with Vol Up + Power (fastmode) but it just stuck at logo, cannot enter fastmode. already try Vol Down + Power ...

Atualização Android

I would like to know if you will update the Android phone Zenfone 4 selfie pro ZD552KL ?? Because my android is at 7.1.1.Gostaria de saber se você atualizará o telefone Android Zenfone 4 selfie pro ZD552KL ?? Porque o meu android está na 7.1.1.


Gostaria de saber se vai ter atualização android pro zenfone 4 selfie pro ZD552KL ? Porque o emu android está 7.1.1