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My Asus zenfone max pro m1, doesn't open game I don't know what game but I can't open Mobile legend, If I open it always Application stopped and I can't open google to, but i can open chrome my google service can't open to.Anybody can help me?

Android 11 for Asus Zenfone 5z

SD 845 is compatible with android 11, still, we didn't receive any security update for 2021 ZenUI 6 is full stock, so it is easy to give OTA update, zenfone 6z stated receiving beta version of android 11

Differences between 2 ASUS Mobo BIOS's

What's the difference between ASUS BIOS 1801 Beta and 1804 for the ASUS Prime B550M-A (Wifi) motherboard? The 1804 BIOS is the most recent one and 1801 Beta is the one just prior. Other than the fact that 1801 was a "Beta", are they essentially the s...

moecarm by Star I
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Some suggestions for the company

hi guys.. as zenfans, i have some suggestion for asus company in the future.Please make the name of products more simple, because it will help us to find asus products.producing asus printers as part of the expertbook series ecosystem. i mean, we don...

ZenFone 7 Pro Thermal Throttling Issue

after other tests, i realized that the asus zenfone 7 pro is presenting serious problems with performance drops in the game genshin impact ... i decided to use a "CPU Throttling Test" app in it I could see how stable the Motorola Edge Plus has rema...

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