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Asua Zenfone pro M1

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Asua Zenfone pro M1 my mobil was voice issue

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What firmware do you have and what kind of voice issue do you have?
Please answer my query

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No voice issue. Android 9.0 and when incoming call coming. No screen showing to receive call. After drop down found the number of person calling

I reported your issue to our software developer but they need more details to understand your issue.
So let's see if I understand you.
1. You receive a call but you're not notified so you can't answer it.
2. When the call ends, then you receive a notification of a missed phone call?

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May I participate this thread? I have the same issue for Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 (32 gigas). My data (fw version, android version) is atached.
The problem is that the accept/reject window for incoming calls doesn´t show up (from Google Dialer), it keeps ringing but I can´t handle the call. There is a workaround, enable notification, so a small screen pops up with reject/accept buttons. But it is a cheesy, temporary solution, since the app has its own window to deal with the call.
I´ve done (twice) factory default reset (android recovery menu) , but it didn´t work.

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What firmware do you have and what kind of voice issue do you have?
Network signal are gone what the fu*k should I do with the last year's flag ship crap when bcuz of software issues my fu*king network is gone I figured out a way to somehow make it work and now it's not working either it's just crap!!!
I would have gone for the one plus instead I really regret buying this piece of crap
!! What should I do with this phone when there's no fu*king network in my phone??? And you are not ready to give an update and solve this problem you are f**king with your new phones only like and I'm not the only one having this issue! And still people are shouting here and there bcuz of network issues and you people are chilling out with your new phones why hell sell this crap then!!!!!!  I want an answer Asus!!!!!!

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New update releases soon ,,, build 055
Security patch 5 june
Dark mode issue
Official digital wellbeing.