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5z Android 10 stable update bugs

Rising Star I
1)Pls look at the video taken by screen recoder. Having difficulty between navigating apps. It gets stuck in between. Pls help me
I went in safe mood but the issue still persist .
2) the accent color changes are not applied . It does not work.
3) sound level at 14 is not at audible while watching YouTube video. It's negligible.
4) fingerprint working little slow that pervious pie version.
Pls help me out . I am facing this issues.
I don't know whether someone is facing or not .
But pls help me

Rising Star II
Since I updated the 5z to Android 10, every time I started the phone I have to confirm that SIM will be used for the data, it is annoying and makes no sense. Another problem is that the notification icons are grouped all to the right of the notch, I think they should appear next to the clock, and to the right only the fixed icons of network, Wi-Fi, battery.
@CH_ASUS Will these problems be corrected?

After the android 10 update, call of duty game gets close automatically. Pls fix it

Rising Star II
@Anders_ASUS After the update, the volume of the ringtone with AI does not adapt to the ambient sound and sounds very loud.

Rising Star I
@Anders_ASUS why are u not replying to the thread .
Battery backup is worssssttttt.
Pls provide the update asap
It's 18 Dec we need a stable update.

Star I
I have ptoblems with my Camera, Gallery, Google Play and apps updates, I can't send any photoes to anyone in Telegram, What'sApp anf other messengers! Who can help with that?