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Asus rog cetra true wireless novaspeed

Star III

I ran into a few issues after a few days of use. The main problems

- the headphones do not include a game mode via Bluetooth

- the microphone is quite muffled via Bluetooth and the volume cannot be adjusted in the AC

- the microphone via the dongle is less clear

- when connected via a PC, there are many more setting options in the AC than in the mobile version, especially when connecting the dongle ( I use ROG phone 6)

- in rog phone 6 there are headphone profiles but there is no speednova. The headphones play well, but I hope that the shortcomings will be removed in some update. I am mainly a mobile gamer and I know that there is a dongle for zero latency, but I was hoping that they would also have low latency via BT in some game mode that is missing here for less demanding games on sound response



Hi @severins79 ,

to address your issue, please follow the steps below to see if the problem can be resolved:

  1. Connect the 2.4G dongle to your PC and open Armoury Crate. Check the versions of the components and go to the device settings page to confirm the current version of the device and the dongle. The latest versions are: for the device and for the dongle.
  2. Connect your phone to the Bluetooth of the headphones and open the Armoury Crate app. Check the device version, and the latest version is V02.07.08.00.
  3. After completing the above steps, remove the PC dongle, delete any Bluetooth connections between your PC or phone and the headphones, place the headphones back in the charging case, perform a short press of four times for a hard reset, and then reconnect to verify the connection.

Please note that Armoury Crate may have slight differences in design between the PC and mobile versions, and the settings pages may not be exactly the same. However, you can still use the mobile version of Armoury Crate to adjust the settings. Thank you.

Rather, it was a matter of small shortcomings, which I hope will be solved by updating both the application on the phone and the headphones, or will add setting options in the AC mobile application. Or if the team tries to connect headphones with the phone (ROG in my case 6) and test the call, you have to accept that it is quieter and incomprehensible when connecting the dongle. Or a quieter maximum volume compared to the competition (razor) or the lack of gaming before Bluetooth, which is in the first version of the headphones.