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Youtube Green Flash Bug UM462DA

System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: On both
Model: Zenbook FLip 14 UM462DA yzen 5
Frequency of occurrence: Frequently
Reset OS: Has been reset by the ASUS RMA team
Screenshot or video: Yes
Detailed description:The screen flashes green whenever I play a video from Youtube on this laptop. I may be mistaken, but I think this has got to do with the AMD driver.

Community Legend II
Hello mahendras11235,
May I know if only watching Youtube have this issue?
How about other website?
Also, please kindly update your Chrome and try another browser.
and you may try to uninstall some of your Chrome Apps as well.
Thank you.

Hi Blake,
I observed that the green flash happens whenever a website uses the VP9 video codec, so I guess Netflix would have this problem too.
In the video that I sent to you I am using the latest version of Microsoft Edge. But I have also tried using Chrome and it gives the same green flash.
I have uninstalled my Edge and Chrome extensions to no avail.

Edit: I've previously posted a "fix" here and the problem got back again

Hi. I've uninstalled the factory shipped graphics driver and let Windows install it itself. Youtube has been without that green bug so far.