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ASUS ZenBook Flip 15 UX563FD ghost touching

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System: Windows 10 Pro
Battery or AC: Both
Model:  UX563FD 
Frequency of occurrence: occasional
Detailed description: It appears without any pattern that could be identified as the cause, the ghost touching always appears in the bottom right corner and it doens´t allow me to do anything, because the clicks per second are so fast that, when a try to move the mouse it doesn´t do anything.
I found a temporary solution that consist in put the pc in stand by for a second, it fixes it but later on it happens again.
I tried to reinstall the drivers for touch screen (pen and finger), I have the last version of the drives and I calibrate it as well, but nothing fixes it completely.

Community Legend II
Hello cpjota,
It would be great if you can record a short video of the issue,
i'm a bit confused about the word ghost touching, not sure if I understand the same thing.
But anyway, please kindly check if your BIOS and Windows are up to date,
and also, may I know which angle of the screen does the issue usually happened?
Thank you.

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As you asked, I attached a small video of the problem I called "ghost touching".
Both the BIOS and Windows are up to date, being the version UX563FD.303 and Windows 10 Pro 1903 respectively.
Normally I work with an angle of 90-95º, but I can ensure that it only happens in this angle because I never worked in others for a long period of time.
Thank You.

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Hello cpjota,
Thank you so much for the video.
It seems like it is cable issue.
Please kindly send your device to service center.
Really sorry for the inconvenience caused.