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Anyone experiencing these glitches on ASUS Zenbook S 13 Flip OLED (UP5302ZA)?

Star I

I have a UP5302ZA in which I've experienced the following issues:

  1. Screen turns off briefly (about a second) then back on whenever charger cable is either inserted or removed
  2. Apps spontaneously close. This seems to occur with Modern/Store/UWP or whatever Microsoft is calling them these days type apps. The teams tray icon or the setting app or store app are examples but pretty much any app that uses the modern interface close. They typically close after returning from sleep. But over time, they'll start to close spontaneously even while actively using the laptop.
  3. If you select Windows Spotlight for the desktop background (this is for the desktop wallpaper, not the lockscreen background) it will keep reverting to Picture mode then stop updating. The icon at the upper right that lets you get info about the photo or change to the next one disappears.
  4. Autobrightness (System/Display/Brightness/Change brightness automatically when lighting changes) doesn't work very well. It kind of works in adapting to bright light. If I shine a flashlight on the sensor or move it right next to a lamp, the screen will automatically increase brightness and then return to the previous level when the bright light is removed. But it doesn't seem to work at all the other direction. Moving from a moderately lit room to total darkness will not cause the display to dim and after manually adjusting, will not increase the brightness when going back.
  5. Occasionally it gets recognized as being in tablet mode when it is in the standard laptop configuration.

No. 2 I find most concerning.
However, interestingly, after doing a full Windows reset the first issue disappeared. The others did not.
After doing a second full reset, the second issue seems to have been resolved. I'm still testing, but in the last couple of days I've not seen any spontaneous app closing.
No. 5 I've only noticed occasionally today, after the second reset.

Most of these issues aren't to terrible, especially now that the second seems to be resolved. However, I find it troubling that I had to do 2 windows reset to get it to this point and there are still a few glitches. No. 5 makes me wonder if there may already be a hinge issue. The other issues make me worry that there's glitchy firmware or drivers.

I'm still in the return  window and decided if I'm going to keep the laptop or return it. I'm also testing a Lenovo Yoga 9i 14". It's kind of a toss up but overall I prefer the ASUS hardware. It's a very nice laptop. But I'm worried about the software issues. I've not experienced any of these issues on the Lenovo (except for the autobrightness since that one doesn't have a functional ambient light sensor).

I'm very interested to know if other users of the UP5302ZA are having issues.