Add Kunai key remap!!

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Where is the key mapning for the bottoms not for the screen touch mode?!?! Atlest i want to be able to remap the keys.


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    Are you talking about the M1 and M2 buttons? And what do you want to "remap" them to? I believe you have mentioned before that you want them to be recognized as Start & Select. If this is what you want then I can't say more than that I have already forwarded your request and that I haven't received any further information

  • AIXIAIXI Level 1

    Any news on this??

    The kunai gamepad is pretty much useless in its current state. A controller without start/select buttons just made that almost any controller compatible game can not be played.

    I bought the kunai gamepad a few month ago I still can not play a single game with it, as I say before all the games or platforms, like xcloud, that I try need start/select buttons (like 99% of the controller compatible games) and a controller without them is useless.

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    I use Google stadia and I have to use a cheap ipega, I can't use the Kunai gamepad, its useless without the select/start buttons.

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    We are still waiting for a reply. In some post you said that this request was already being disccused but since then there is no other reply.

    I can not see a single post in the forum with a good opinion of he kunai controller but a lot of them that indicate that is rather useless, since the mobile ROG phone 3 is just around the corner I have the felling that ROG just made an overprice and completely useless controller and then it abandon all the buyers that actually purchase it.

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    Can we get an update. This phone and these controllers cost an insane amount of money and work best with each other. It is insane that there has been no word from anyone on this.

    This kunai costs more than twice as much as other premium controllers, all we need is a map for start/select to m1/m2 to use this with a ton more games and streaming services

  • im with you Guys, no real use for the kunai.. neither in GF now nor stadia.. @asus guys.. pls give us an update

  • It's Amazing that @Anders_ASUS don't talk to us anymore. I know WE are are boring because it's been 9 month that WE Ask for this, but please tell us yes or no, if not we Can move to another solution, if yes , wonderful ♥️. Please give us an update, Xcloud is out !!!!!

  • They will not add this feature, kunai is useless for xcloud/stadia. They give the ideia that they only want your money and don't care about costumers, Rog 1 only received Android 9.

  • Sorry about the late reply. My team asked our devs about this many times. I don't believe it's coming unfortunately. It's the best reply I can give you

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