Restart again and again due to overheating

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From the past 1 week while playing PUBG for few minutes my phone starts to overheat and then it keeps restarting again and again. Tried factory resetting my phone and installed minimum applications but still problem continues.



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    Does this only happen while playing PUBG?

  • Yes till now it only happened while playing pubg mobile that my device was overheating and restarts but yesterday the same thing happened while I was charging my phone. I had kept my phone on charge and then I just unlocked it to check few notifications only to see that the phone was overheated and the moment I unlocked the phone it restarted itself.

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    Just for clarity, yesterday after you played PUBG(?) and then you put onto charge and only checking notifications, it restarted?

    The restart seems to be coming from the overheating. When the device is too hot, it will restart to prevent further damage.

    What is causing the overheating, it will depend on what you have running. Playing at high brightness can cause it to attract heat to the device. Further damage can also be done such as screen burns too. But I am guessing at the moment.

    What I recommend is wait for your device has cooled down and then play again once you feel the overheating to see if you get the reboot. This is while you wait for mods here or maybe a service centre to open.

  • No, I hadn't played PUBG before putting my on charge. Just that my battery was drained so I had to put it on charge. I just came to check on my phone and observed it's too hot and in just few seconds it rebooted itself.

    I can make out that the problem here is overheating but all of this started just a week back, i think its happening after some android update i had received a week ago. Before that I had been playing games intensively and still the phone never let me down.

  • @sanjaykrocks if you're frequently experiencing restart issues while playing you should take your device to your nearest service center.

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    Well i did visit the service center and told them this issue which I started to experience after receiving an update 2 weeks ago. So now the only solution they have is that they will install some older version of android which I had before getting an update 2 weeks ago. And then i will to wait for the next update to come till then I should not update my device.

    Rediculous, what's the point of spending 60k on an gaming device when you can't play games on the device.

    Very dissappointed.

  • @sanjaykrocks I've sent you a PM. (Envelope icon in the top right corner.)

  • My phone shuts down when charging, shuts down when playing any games, shuts down on almost all instances except when IDLE. Its so frustrating...

  • @camarotechristian I know the reason is overheating for the shutdowns you are facing it's just that we can't this kind of performance from a gaming phone. If it has to be this way then the budget phones performs better than this rog phone 2 atleast they don't keep restarting when you charge or play games in there device.

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    I play in a hot weather and I take a break in between just to allow the device to cool down. Most "hardcore gamers" will play for hours and that's probably the difference. This is where I think PC is better suited than a phone.

    Budget phone or other phones that are not classed as gaming phone will get this similar issue. Only difference is when the weather is nice and cold, you won't be able to clock the device.

    A question though, do you think other devices will monitor the temperatures of your phone? If they don't, what do you think will happen?

  • I play PUBG with my friends and we all stay in same locality and rest of them have the budget phones all 1 or 2 years old phone still their phone can handle the heat and they play PUBG as long as I play with them. But from past 2 weeks I started facing this issue of overheating and phone reboots to save the damage.

    Yes the real gaming experience can be experienced only on PC rather than a phone, but a gaming phone should be able to handle a game made for mobile platform.

    Asus have managed to create a hype of gaming phone but failed to deliver as promised.

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    I can play Asphalt 9 for 7, 8 hours straight. X-mode settings and AirCooler set to max. The phone heats up to 40-42 C very fast and it stays there for hours without any glitch or drop in performance. It charges fast at the same time. In these conditions my Note 8 would heat up like crazy and glitch the same. Every hour I would put it in a freezer at -7 C for 10 min. I also tried to play on Note 10 and S20 ultra. My Rog with Air Cooler heats less and plays better because it has better ergonomics.

    So I can say that Rog 2 can perform as advertised. Why other users are having issues I have no idea. Is it just my pure luck or something else. I am always on latest update.

  • @OPC if you would go through my previous posts you will see even I was also on latest update but started to get these issues and now the service center people have installed the previous version on my phone and have asked me to keep it this way only. With the aero cooler also the temperature reached till 52 degrees Celsius.

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    Do you get the same issue on previous version?

    Naturally you will need higher resource as you upgrade firmwares/games because it will eat more resource, generating more heat. But like you said, it has been advertised as a gaming phone, so naturally it would produce more heat. I guess what we need now is like a mini-air-conditioning unit attaching to the phone 🤣

    On a serious note, it would be interesting to see how ROG 3 comes out as it doesn't look to be much ventilation. I change phones every 2 years, so i will give ROG 3 a skip and probably wait for ROG 4 or something.

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    This is absolutely through the roof and I believe it's a hardware issue. Without the cooler and playing for long hours non-stop on X-mode set to max my phone reaches max 46 C.

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    I'm also recently facing too much heating issue. I've applied the setting posted in the PUBG thread.

    Please look into it

    Temp went upto 49°C my ambient temperature is around 25°C

  • I had visited to Asus Service Centre and they said the problem should be in update i had received not the hardware. So they had installed the previous version in my phone.

  • Hey, have you fixed your phone.?? Did the screen blackout /shutdown issue go away after visiting service centre?

    Thank you

  • @sauravshanbhogue now they have installed the older version of android so now the device restart have stopped but now I started facing new issues which is screen blackout when I keep my phone on charge which leads to heating the device.

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